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Sergio Cortes – Working Towards A Vaccine for Zika

The Zika virus is caused by mosquito bites and have been likely linked to cause birth defects. Marilia Lima was pregnant when she was infected with Zika virus, and at the time there wasn’t a lot of known information about the virus. Her son, Arthur, who is now 2.5 months old was born with microcephaly, which is a birth defect that causes small heads and brain damage. There has not been a proven indication that the virus definitely causes the birth defect, but most doctors do believe there is a connection, and Lima does not feel like Brazil cares.

Among the many problems that these infants and their families suffer from, this medical condition is hard to treat because doctors and health care professionals do not understand the virus. There isn’t enough information or research to help the babies with their developmental delays, and help the families to cope. Most of the families are left to deal with the birth defect on their own, only hoping for comfort and care in the future.

Sergio Cortes of is a doctor who has dedicated much of his life and his studies geared towards understanding this virus and hopefully finding a successful treatment. He has many years of health care experience and in his current findings he has discovered that the mosquito is also responsible for another type of virus with similar symptoms. It’s called the chikungunya virus, and proves to enhance pain in the joints which can be very intense. The data findings from these two viruses are still being studied considering the current rate of microcephaly. Physicians and health care professionals are warning expecting mothers to not visit the area and if an individual begins to show symptoms of redness of eyes, joint pain, high fever followed by a rash, they are to seek medical attention as soon as possible. Sergio Cortes is also heading studies to see if an individual can be infected by both viruses that are caused by these mosquitos.

Sergio Cortes has found that there is no medicine that can be administered to prevent the disease but that the only treatment the can be offered is to continue to study the viruses. His team of health care professionals have devised a plan of hope that a vaccine they’ve developed will become into effect soon, and provide 80% accuracy and have the ability to fight the four different types of the fever. As of right now, there is no solution to the problem other than to continue to study the viruses and work to eliminate the mosquitos and their breeding grounds.

There is hope for Lima and Arthur through the findings of Sergio Cortes. With time and efforts, they can find a vaccine that will cure the virus and put an end to the link between the virus and microcephaly. It’s an unfortunate situation for any family to have to go through, but with a continued drive to enhance the lives of those affected, hopefully they can seek comfort and care.

George Soros Philanthropy Activities Under Attack

It is one thing to amass wealth but entirely different for the wealth holder to share the wealth freely. We are talking about the philanthropic activities of a man whose love for humanity than love itself, George Soros. This is a gentleman who was born in Belfast Hungary 85 years ago. He is an American of noble standing, a billionaire by right and a philanthropist at heart. He wears many hats as it is almost an offense not to mention that he is an investment mogul and an author. His investment prowess has seen his wealth rise to over 23 billion dollars putting him on the Forbes list of the top fifty wealthy people in the world. In the USA, Soros forms part of the top ten richest people. George Soros is the Chairman and Founder of the Open Society Foundations– which is a network of foundations, partners and projects in over 100 countries globally.


Soros is committed to the idea of open society- where rights are respected, government enhance accountability, and truth is open to all. This the uniqueness in of the Open Society Foundations unlike many other private philanthropic efforts propagated by other philanthropies. The current burning of books and literature related to George Soros’ Open Societies Foundation in colleges in Russia is widely seen as a move to gag open talk on human rights. What these hooligans didn’t put in mind is that Soros has amassed so much financial muscle for anyone to stand on his way of propagating democracy across the world. Soros books are important as they helped build up a international system that enhanced transparency and accountability to the natural resources extraction industries in the larger part of Europe. Local cartels and tyrants could be behind the book burning as people are enlightened and people are able to demand for more accountability from their leaders.


Burning of George Soros books in Russia is a foolish move as human rights and need for dignity is not a topic that is escaping media attention any time soon. The message is already out there and traveling at a speed higher than lightening. It will be interesting to watch the activities of the Open Society as this move gives them even more impetus to propagate events that will enhance transparency in the operations of the Russian government. George Soros has been on this world long enough for such desperate antics to dampen his big heart.

More information can be obtained from CNBC.

Designer Shoe Lines Like Paul Evans Cut Costs by Cutting out the Middleman

How do you make a $500 pair of shoes for $100? According to a recent Bloomberg article on designer men’s italian shoes, the secret is to follow the recent trend of cutting out the middleman. The Paul Evans shoe line was mentioned in the article for being one of these handcrafted and designed shoemakers that are able to sell their shoes for less due to cutting out unnecessary steps and people.

Bloomberg reported that Paul Evans shoes are manufactured in the same fine Italian factories as Ferragamo and other high-end shoe companies. However, Paul Evans shoes sell for considerably less than those lines.

The owners, Ben Earley and Evan Fript, set out to create a shoe line that would be just as high end in quality and workmanship as shoes that cost $1000 while, at the same time, not being anywhere near as expensive. It seems they’ve succeeded in that goal. The owners actually traveled to Italy themselves to meet with shoemakers who have been crafting shoes for generations and to tour factories. They found the perfect factory in Naples, Italy.

Cutting out the middleman mainly means that they sell their shoes directly to the customer from their website. A department store has to mark up prices due to wholesale costs. That need is cut out when you are selling directly to the customer and results in a significantly less expensive shoe.

The shoes are a beautifully modern take on classic styles. Made with the finest leather and crafted by true artisans, their shoes are often compared to other luxury brands such as the Paris-based Berluti. However, price-wise, their shoes are more in keeping with the Allen Edmonds line of shoes.

Paul Evans has been quickly growing and they have big plans for the future including opening their own traditional stores.

The New York Real Estate Market Is Breaking Records

The New York real estate market broke records for sales and volume in 2015, and the city seems to be growing even into 2016. Anyone looking for a place to live in the city will pay higher prices, and there are more opportunities for companies like TOWN Residential to create new developments. This article explores how companies like TOWN Residential are responding to a rising real estate market in New York going into 2016.

#1: Every Record Was Broken

Several real estate brokers have noted that every previous record was broken during the 2015 fiscal year. The real estate market in 2015 exploded with foreign investment, more new homeowners and a range of developments created by companies like TOWN Residential. The records all fell at a time when prices were at their highest, and the market created many new developments to help invigorate the city.

#2: TOWN Residential Helps Residents And Developers

The development projects from TOWN Residential are funded by foreign and domestic investors, and TOWN even has an office in London. The company has focused quite a bit on balancing its activities, and the company has spent time working with new homeowners who were in need places to live. The catalog held by TOWN Residential ranges from quaint townhomes in Brooklyn to gorgeous apartments in Manhattan.

#3: More Development Is Coming

TOWN Residential is working on new development projects that are slated for different parts of the city, and their company has invested quite a lot of money in getting these projects off the ground. The developments are typically multi-use projects that will combine living spaces with retail or commercial spaces. The diverse nature of the work coming from TOWN Residential simply makes the city a more attractive place to live.

#4: New Developments Will Force Prices Higher

New developments on-tap for 2016 will help prices rise even higher in 2016. It is conceivable that the market in 2016 could be even stronger than the market in 2015, and the records that were broken recently may only stand for a year. Real estate developers and brokers are bracing for a very strong 2016 that could lead to a breath of fresh air for the city and new investors.

The records broken in 2016 were shattered by a market that was flush with cash and high prices. Those records may not last long as 2016 proves to have just as much potential.