Randal Nardone and The Level of Billionaire Success He Is Now Enjoying

We can probably have as many articles we can read about Fortress Investment Group Co-founder Randal Nardone than we have time to read. Furthermore, many people would agree that the story that Randal Nardone can share to anyone is of high importance, especially because his experience has been well tested by time and has gone through a lot of trial and error risk-taking, which is the most superior and intelligent form of learning. It is also an added credence that Fortress Investment Group is one of today’s most successful asset manager firms in the world, and so what they flesh out regarding advice have higher probability of trustworthiness. Likewise, Randal has also been part of the Forbes Billionaire’s list, and who among those who want to earn more wealth doesn’t want that?

The Forbes List Position

It’s exciting to know that Randal Nardone has been ranked as #557 in Forbes List of Billionaire’s, with a net worth of around $1.8 bill. This is one of the greatest feats that not many can pull off, and the fact that he has done so while operating under Fortress Investment Fund’s brand is even giving more credence to the performance, reputation and net worth of the company. There are many narratives to explain this level of success of Randal Nardone. Some would say that this was because of his education at the University of Connecticut, where he took a Bachelors of Arts and Science. Some could even say that his stint at Thacher Proffit could have also been instrumental to form his training background to let him do his job well enough to rank in Forbes. Above all, it could also be said that he has a lot of good networks in the industry that helped him get to where he is. However, many would also say that it could be just Fate and Fortune that destined him to be there.

Other Boards That He Serves

Right now, there are four boards that he serves as a member, and these include Brookdale Senior Living, Gagfah, New Residential Investment Corp and Springleaf Holdings. All these board memberships have been helpful for him to get his expertise in areas that had not usually been receiving attention from him. All in all, with the kind of involvement that he has across a diversity of interests, it’s not hard to see why Randal Nardone has been seen by many as one of the most successful asset managers today.

Great Achievements: Sheldon Lavin

OSI Group is a great company that is well known in the production and processing of quality meat and food. Sheldon Lavin is the chairman and CEO of the company. The company is rapidly growing and expanding to other countries so that it can serve its potential and new clients efficiently. There are lots of achievements that the OSI Group has attained that have resulted to earning of awards through the leadership of Sheldon Lavin.

There are numerous companies and organizations that Sheldon Lavin have served in his career life which includes northeast Bank and Sheba Foundation to mention a few and all have been successful. It is remarkable that the success and contribution of Lavin have made it possible for the firms that he has been working with for years have been able to achieve their goals with a lot of easiness. Moreover, Lavin provides mentorship services to young entrepreneurs so that they can be able to make their investments well and become successful. He desires to see all those that surround him becoming successful, and through that, he plays his role where necessary.

The achievements of Sheldon Lavin at OSI Company serving as the chairman and CEO led him to be awarded The Global Visionary Award since his success and achievements were evident and could be noticed. The award is due to his ability to make the OSI Group a leading meat industry and food company in the industry; also, creating employment opportunities to numerous people globally. Through his leadership, OSI Group has acquired Baho Foods, Flagship Europe which has impacted the company in a more significant way since it has gained global market.

The acquisition has helped the company to expand its services to other countries since they can reach more customers and explore new markets in other countries. Besides, OSI Group has the competitive advantage in the market, and that threaten other companies since they can’t win OSI Group.

Additionally, Sheldon loves philanthropic works where he makes donations and support to various charitable organizations so that they can be able to provide services appropriately. Some of the philanthropic organizations that he offers support include United Negra College Funds, Jewish United Funds as well as Girls and Boys Clubs. Also, there is a board of trustee where he serves in Ronald McDonald House Charities. In that board, he is the CEO and chairman and provides essential and reliable leadership.

For details: relationshipscience.com/sheldon-lavin-p3387879

Talos Energy Scores Big to Become Public

Talos Energy knows what it takes to be successful. They’ve spent most of the time they’ve been in business working on their public image and they do it so they can make sure they’re helping people. As an energy company, it’s their job to give people a chance to see all the positive options they have. They also spend a lot of time showing people how they can make things better on their own through the energy efforts they have. The company makes a point of showing everyone how they can do things right and showing them things will get better if they do it all the right way.

When Talos Energy first started working in the energy industry, they knew they had to work hard to go up against other companies that were doing similar things. They also knew it would take a lot of hard work to get to that point. Since Talos Energy knew what they needed to do, they prepared to help everyone with the options they had. They also prepared to show them how things would change in the future of energy. It was their goal to always give back while also showing people how they could see success on their own.

Talos Energy joined forces with Stone Energy. Together, the companies made a big super company and that helped them both grow. Even though they were both working on their own to come up with new ideas, they felt good about the things they had to offer. They also felt there was a chance they could show people how everything would get better. No matter what Talos Energy did, they felt they had to honor all the opportunities people had for success no matter what issues were going on around them.

Now that they are together with Stone Energy, Talos Energy is a public company. They are on the market and they are working to come up with new ideas for everyone who is a part of the company. In addition to being a big part of the trade market, shareholders own a big portion of the company. The company works to make sure the shareholders get all the options they need so they can do everything the right way. It is their goal to always give people a chance to see things will get better for the companies that work hard to provide energy. To know more about the company click here.

Paul Mampilly:Cracking the Cryptocurrency Warning Signs

Greed can be overpowering. No one wants to miss that next great opportunity. What happens when the drive to make millions consume us? Sound investment logic goes out the door.

Paul Mampilly, former hedge fund manager and financial genius describes the current cryptocurrency action as frenzied buying. Bitcoin and other online currencies exhibit distinct similarities to the 1999 bubble. Paul believes a crash is imminent.

Shrewd Investors, getting in early to cryptocurrencies made a fortune. The Uninformed connected emotionally to these fast-rising assets became casualties. Reason and sound fundamental practice abandoned.

Friends of Mampilly criticized his investment choice for not taking part in this once in a lifetime opportunity. Skilled investors like Mampilly make choices based on extensive hours of research. A Thorough understanding of the value and nature of the asset comes first. Paul Mampilly would never jump into assets with no discernible value base. Buying and selling of cryptocurrencies by the public at large, determine the price.

Paul Mampilly lived through the nineties froth, astutely selling his shares before the carnage began. Admitting he watched as stocks kept going up. Then the crash arrived. Friends were not so lucky, holding on while hoping there was a reversal on the horizon. Some people made billions. Countless others lost all they had. Visit Bloomberg to know more about Paul Mampilly.

Paul Mampilly believes the fundamental structure of blockchain technology shows immense promise. Paul expects bitcoin and other online currencies will occupy the same roles as gold and other precious metals. He believes millennials will come to relinquish the physical aspect of money ownership, in favor of fast-moving digital currency.


Paul Mampilly sees the crash coming. His advice is to start withdrawing assets. The major warning sign for the upcoming implosion is immense public interest, driving prices to unsustainable levels. Mampilly advises looking at the underlying values to make investment decisions.

The mystical online currency and its foundational technologies give everyone reason to be optimistic. Paul Mampilly believes cryptocurrencies have the potential to change the borrowing and lending transactions the world over. The future is here, the crash is imminent. Visit the website paulmampillyguru.com to learn more.

How Eric Lefkofsky is using big data to unite medicine globally

Erik Lefkofsky, one of the most notable and influential entrepreneurs in America has recently deviated from his current business ventures in an attempt to do something brand new. Three years ago he launched Tempus, a tech company whose aim is to use big data to innovate cancer research through technology. To date, the company has established many notable collaborations such as with many of the National Cancer Institute’s cancer centers across the country.

The goal of the company is relatively simple. By providing testing services for known cancer treatment, Tempus is able to collect a large amount of data about a wide variety of cancers and their treatments. This is typically done through sequencing of a patients’ tumors and germline DNA, as well as through liquid biopsy and RNA sequencing.

Once these large amounts of data have been compiled Tempus intends to use machine learning to ensure that all of these layers of information are working together with one another. When combined with the electronic medical record, Tempus hopes to be able to plot differences between treatments, results, and patient types.

There is currently a large amount of buzz surrounding the company. Big data operations such the ones done at Google and Facebook have shown just how tailored information can be based on algorithmic data. Netflix has taken this a step further and has use machine learning to determine very specific tastes in television programs. No two people are completely alike, but we are similar in enough ways to predict what might work best.

The only question left is whether or not this applies to cancer. There is no way to know for certain if the same type of algorithms that can predict consumer behavior can also be used to predict cancer treatment effectiveness.

Even if the ultimate goal of true machine learning and treatment of cancer is impossible, the results of these tests can be made available to doctors around the country. Rather than science be restricted to a single lab or group, data can be shared much more easily through Tempus. At the very least, this serves as a lesser goal for Erik Lefkosky as he develops Tempus as a company further.

Eric Lefkofsky’s Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/eplefkofsky/

Dr. Shafik Sachedina Spearheads Healthcare Provision At Sussex Healthcare

Shafik Sachedina is a revered healthcare professional residing in the United Kingdom. Born in Tanzania, he fled to the United Kingdom and joined Guy’s Hospital Medical School for Dental Surgery. He passed with honors and qualified to serve as a dental surgeon alongside established his practice thereafter.

Background Information
Currently, Sachedina is a healthcare entrepreneur and highly upholds the value of the business in the healthcare industry. Moreover, he is the head cheerleader of Jamati Institutions and has focused his energy on developing viable programs for the members of the institution. With these programs, members of the institution are better placed to learn the value of upholding their culture and roots.

Chairing the Aga Khan
Other roles Sachedina has played in his capacity as a leader includes serving at the Aga Khan as the head cheerleader in charge of voluntary services. He also serves as the head of voluntary services at Ismaili Council. At Jamati Institution, he coordinates all social activities including conferences and social programs made to educate Israelis residing in the United Kingdom on their cultures and the importance of upholding their culture.

Roles in Leadership
Moreover, he is a member of AKDN (Aga Khan Development Network), an organization that serves its people in more than thirty countries. In his capacity as a board member, Sachedina controls the development programs through community projects. He also controls the majority of decision making within the organization.

Sussex Healthcare
Besides working for the stated organizations, Sachedina has massively invested in Sussex Healthcare. For starters, he is the co-founder. He also seats on the board and has extensively guided members in decision making. Other than that, Sachedina is well known for advocating for better healthcare systems in the nursing home. With his guidance, the hospital has earned stellar reputation because of its dedication to serving clients in the best ways possible. Alongside implementing innovative strategies to support the elderly in the nursing homes, Sachedina is revered for working with like-minded individuals to improve patient’s lives.

More on Sussex Healthcare
Sussex Healthcare is a private healthcare institution for the elderly. The hospital has branches in the city and is staffed with qualified healthcare providers. Other than that, it has state-of-the-art machines to handle patient’s healthcare problems including Alzheimer’s disease, dementia as well as physical challenges. With the help of trained medical personnel, Sussex Healthcare has managed to be at the forefront of providing residential care to patients.

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How Ara Chackerian Thinks Wilderness Areas Should Be Protected

Ara Chackerian is a big fan of wilderness areas. He believes they should be protected as one of our most precious resources. He teaches others how to care for wilderness areas and believes the careful use of the forest can protect wildlife and human life so that everyone can benefit from these types of areas. He says each wilderness area presents unique challenges which require local solutions through careful planning and comprehensive resource management.

As someone that cares deeply about wilderness areas and their protection, he thinks that an informed public is more apt to take care of their area forests. There are a number of states, such as Michigan, which uses the money collected from hunting permits and licensing to support programs to inform the public about the importance of the wild areas in their state.




Technology and new information also support forests. Over they decades forest managers have learned how to balance using wilderness areas as a resource, such as cutting down trees, while minimizing the impact on the overall forest and the life that depends on it. Nature thins forests through forest fires. Nowadays, forestry experts like Ara Chackarian can rely on tools and scientific methods to do the same, such as removing diseased trees and using techniques to encourage wildlife. You can visit their website arachackerian.com



Ara Chackerian is a graduate of Florida State University and a resident of the Bay Area. While he works in a number of fields, such as forestry, he is also heavily involved in the healthcare industry. He invests in startup healthcare firms which seek to provide far better care to people than could have been done in the past. One example of this is TMS Health Solutions which offers comprehensive behavioral therapy to its patients at multiple locations in the Bay Area. You can visit their Facebook page.


He also seeks to help healthcare providers offer better services. Since January 2012, Ara Chackarian has been on the board for Mint Medical Education. This organization offers online ultrasound courses and helps to train medical professionals such as OBGyn. They also offer free stroke screenings and other services to patients in the Northern California region.



Click here: https://twitter.com/achackerian

What Robert Deignan’s Company ATS Digital Services Is Like

Not long ago, ATS Digital Services achieved certification from AppEsteem for running a call center that met the verification company’s parameters. ATS Digital Services CEO Robert Deignan has been pleased with this achievement because it’s added legitimacy in an industry that’s had many shady businesses attempt to make bigger profits off of customers by using non-verified apps. AppEsteem audits company apps with the input of government regulators, law enforcement, security firms, software company groups like Microsoft and other parties. ATS became the first call center company to become listed with AppEsteem to go along with their other main certifications.

Robert Deignan has a strong background in networking and advanced IT support. He received his bachelor’s degree in business management from Purdue University in the late 1990s and decided to go into his own web-based business startups. The first company he helped start according to his LinkedIn page, was Fanlink.net in 1998. Deignan joined iS3 Inc., a computer security and virus protection system company in 2002 and worked with their technical team for 9 years. He officially started ATS Digital Services in 2011 and has served a wide variety of customers.

Robert Deignan has turned ATS Digital Services into a quality company that has simple yet effective ways of keeping computers running at peak performance. They service both individual customers as well as businesses, and they can be reached both over the phone or through their website. Their support staff have been highly reviewed by customers online for making the service process easy to understand. Their services cover a wide range of issues from software malfunctions and malware removal to making hardware and software upgrades. While much of their work can be done through remote desktop services, they do offer in-person repairs for local customers and have a few additional support features for extra fees. Deignan has helped the company gain certifications from Cisco, CompTIA, CHSE and Microsoft. Outside of running his security systems company, Deignan also takes part in fishing competitions including the Palm Beach Sailfish Derby where he was on a team that won the 79th annual competition award.


Jordan Lindsey is an Expert Algo Trader at JCL Capital

Jordan Lindsey is an entrepreneur and an expert algo trader. He is the founder of JCL Capital in San Francisco. He is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the company, and he has seen it grow immensely since the company began in 2005.

He is a systems designer, a founder, and a programmer. Jordan created a cryptocurrency to trade on the Forex market, and his creative endeavors are changing the way investors can trade. He knew as a boy that he wanted to make a difference, and to be the person who would change the world with his creations. He was competitive in sports, and he was always thinking up ways to create new businesses. The entrepreneurial imagination of the young boy eventually grew into the successful endeavors of the man.

Jordan has traveled a great deal. He has been abroad many times, and he lived abroad in several location, including Mexico, as a volunteer in Bosnia, and in Argentina. He moved from New York to San Francisco as a young man. He realized that San Francisco suited him well. There, people shared their ideas and dreams, and he felt encouraged and enthusiastic about his career. Jordan Lindsey was learning more and more about Forex trading, algorithms, and bitcoins. Jordan created the Bitcoin Growth Bot, which is the first fully transparent crypto trading bot. He mostly self taught himself through his own research and experiments. By way of formal education, he attended Mount Angel Seminary and also Saint Joseph’s College. Jordan met his wife while he was living in Bosnia. They were both volunteers at the time.

Jordan Lindsey is a successful Forex trader and investor. He began JCL Capital as a startup company. His timing was very much on target with the times, as the popularity of Forex trading has been continuously rising. More and more investors have been attracted to the foreign exchange markets. Jordan and the company have achieved tremendous notoriety for his forward thinking, innovative inventions. They are anticipated to continue to play a role in future growth, and the constant influx of new investors.


In the music genre that Clay Hutson works, using his technical expertise is just part of the job as a business owner, sound engineer, and manager.

Clay Hutson is the individual who is in the business of making sure live music groups and solo acts will make a successful go of it onstage. Clay Hutson is good in his knack for monitor engineering, live sound engineering, and production managing. Clay is currently the tour manager for the pop music singer, Halsey. Halsey, who was born, Ashley Nicolette Frangipane, is the epitome of the contemporary sphere of pop music.


Hutson and the tour’s headlining act, Halsey, have some general similarities in the way that they use social media to build a word-of-mouth following by using Twitter and Facebook to do it. However, for Clay Hutson, he remarked that referrals are a significant aspect of his business. Hutson also noted in an interview that he makes sure that there is valid information about him on LinkedIn and also his website. By continually connecting with individuals, he indicates that this is a way to build a public image and continue accruing new business.


As a business owner who is well versed in sound engineering for live concerts, Hutson has had an opportunity to work with many music groups and other stakeholders in the live music tour scene. Some of the many musical acts that Clay has paired up with on music tours included Prince, Guns N’ Roses, Pink, and Kid Rock.


Hutson notes that he gets enjoyment by coordinating with rock bands when they tour. In addition to working with pop singing talent, Halsey, Clay Hutson was also interviewed about some of the exciting facets involved in automation. He was working with some very complicated equipment during OneRepublic’s Honda Civic Tour. Hutson provided some interesting insights into what it takes to work with these live rock music acts.


Hutson believes in working — is an essential part of his life. Clay Hutson once quipped that by showing people that he has a great work ethic, it help drum up new business connection and future work for him.


Even though Clay Hutson’s business story has been quite successful, he has had some issues at times. Once, he had got in some legal problems with a client that set him back more than 150 thousand dollars. But, Hutson noted that he worked past the situation and moved ahead. The constant ups and downs on the road as a touring crew member are just a standard part of a concert manager’s work. Learn more: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm8799240/?ref_=nv_sr_1